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3D Gold-plated Bar Necklace

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Give your loved one something to remember! ♥️


3D Gold-plated Bar Necklace to get anything engraved on four sides with personalized message or name. 3D Silver-plated Bar Necklace is here to make your special events more memorable! Hence, it can be a perfect gift for your loved ones or you can buy it for yourself. Furthermore, it’s a handmade jewelry and engraving can be done on four sides. Yes, it’s made in Pakistan. Moreover, you can get four different names or short messages on each size. Additionally, it’s sterling silver chain which gives it the perfect bling that it needs. Thus, it makes it a perfect piece of accessory in your jewelry box.

Gift Ideas for 3D Gold-plated Bar Necklace

You can gift 3D Gold-plated Bar Necklace  to your near or dear ones or get it for yourself. It will always be a special piece for you because it will remind you of the special person. You can get the name of your special guy. If you are looking for a gift for your wife or girlfriend on any special occasion, this is it. You can get the date of your anniversary on it or get any special message on it for her.


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